Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello there, and welcome to The Pupcake Chronicles.

I'm Elyse. 23 years old, a displaced Michigander, with a passion for both food and photography. Luckily for me, those two go together fairly well. I get to cook up a storm, try out new recipes, and flex my skills behind the lens all at the same time to bring you this blog.

In this blog, I will share recipes and the occasional craft, along with photos, instructions, and stories. I'm not a professional chef or photographer, just a lady that likes to cook and take pictures, that decided to share.

The name, Pupcake Chronicles, I pulled from my imaginary "maybe someday" bakery, which I plan on naming Pupcakes. I chose this name to reflect my love for both baked goods, and my dogs.

So, read...cook...feel free to take and share. Join me on this little culinary adventure of mine. :)

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